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  • Reflective EYES Amber Emblems PAIR

Reflective EYES Amber Emblems PAIR

  • Reflective Amber EYES Emblems PAIR
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Premium ABS High Impact Chrome Plated REFLECTIVE Plastic Emblem PAIR
Easy Install Paint-safe 3M Automotive Adhesive Tape Backing.
Aprox 2x3 Inches
All of our Emblems are car wash safe and will last for many, many years indoors or out.

If mounted on the rear of your vehicle, these emblems will reflect the following cars headlights and add another level of safety to your ride.
Add some BLING. Apply our Chrome Emblems on any smooth, hard surface indoors or outdoors. Toolbox, Windows, Walls, Doors, Mirrors, Cars, Trucks, SUV, Laptops, Boats, Scooters, Bikes, etc.....
Everyone Loves Chrome!
Chrome Emblems make Unique and Personal Gifts for Any Occasion.
All orders SHIP NEXT DAY!

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